Our Beliefs



The Christian Church of Anthony, KS is located at 71 North State Road 14 just as you are coming into

Anthony from the North.  Our building is 17 years old.  The church received it's charter in 1885.  
We are an independent Christian Church. 

This church is a congregation that believes Jesus Christ is God's Son, and which accepts Him as Lord and Savior. 
We are not perfect saints.  We are forgiven sinners growing in grace toward spiritual maturity. 
We are not the only Christians, but we are striving to be Christians only.  We are not a denomination. 
We are, however, part of a great fellowship of Christians who cooperate together in many ways for
worship, study and service.  We are a free congregation.  We are not ruled by a professional hierarchy,
nor do we offer allegiance to any organization or person other than Jesus Christ.  He is our creed and
the Bible is our guide.  We are led within this fellowship by men and women of faith under the guidance
of the Holy Spirit.

This church is part of the Restoration Movement within the church of Christ which for over a century and
a half has pleaded for the unity of all God's people.  Membership in this congregation is defined by faith
in Jesus Christ as God's Son and commitment to Him through Baptism (immersion) as the Lord and Savior
of one's life. 

Come by and worship with us and see what the excitement is about at the Christian Church of Anthony, Kansas. 
We would love to welcome you!


   January 2019   
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